Hinds are a four piece garage rock band from Madrid, Spain.  Their debut LP ‘Leave Me Alone’ is out now via Lucky Numbers

What were the bands that inspired you to form Hinds and how did you guys go about forming the band?
The two bands that most influenced us and almost forced our minds to create the band were The black lips and The Parrots!
We started the band just because. We saw all our friends in bands having so much fun.. and we admired so deep  artists when we saw them at festivals.. we thought: why not? haha.

What is the indie rock scene like in Madrid these days?  Any Spanish bands that we should know about past and present?
Our scene is growing as fast as it can!!! You should definitely know about Lois, Los Nastys, Mujeres and The Parrots

selfie in the studio

What explains the lack of all female bands and do you feel women come across hurdles in the male dominated world of rock.

The past explains it. It’s only a matter of time, but time is a hard thing to fight with.
I think women come across hurdles in all professions but it’s gonna be okay, some of us are working on it 🙂

Who produced your debut LP ‘Leave Me Alone’ ?
Our dream producer is our actual producer. It’s diego garcia, friend since a while now. He recorded his first song with us, and same for us. He did magic with the two first singles and the album is gonna keep the same spirit!!!


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